Wolfgang von Zoubek

Wolfgang von Zoubek

Light / Stage Designer & Director

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Born in St. Pölten, Austria, Wolfgang von Zoubek started his career as lighting technician at the Salzburg Festival during the tenure of Maestro Herbert von Karajan and Prof. Schneider-Siemssen in the mid-eighties. Thereafter he participated in a masterclass as illuminator and technical director in Munich and studied Design at the Stanford University. Since then he made a reputation for himself as a freelance stage and light designer worldwide; the focus of his activities is laid on spectacular opera staging, but he also features various stage and TV shows and architectural projects.

Wolfgang von Zoubek’s creative and outstanding light creations bring a special aura to every stage production, to great opera premieres at the festivals in Salzburg, Bayreuth, Pesaro or Bregenz as well as to impressive environmental and light sculptures throughout the world, such as in Monte Carlo, Nizza, Paris, Madrid, Bilbao, Rome, Torino, Naples, Palermo, Tokyo, Pretoria, Sidney, etc.

As artistic partner he has worked with renowned stage directors such as Giancarlo del Monaco, Herbert Wernicke, Harry Kupfer, Jêrome Savary, Pier Luigi Pizzi, Luis Pasqual, Gustav Kuhn, Karoline Gruber, Franziska Severin, Margarethe Wallmann, Jonathan Eton, Ulrich Peters, Reto Nickler or Daniele Abbado. Furthermore, he regularly holds masterclasses and lectures about light design connected to arts and architecture. Many of his opera productions have been released on DVD.

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